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Charles Edouard Boutibonne (1816-1897)

A La Fontaine (1874) by Charles Edouard Boutibonne. (485x700, 149Kb)

A La Fontaine (1874)

La Preferee (Date unknown) by Charles Edouard Boutibonne (1816-1897) (500x641, 126Kb)

La Preferee

An Indecisive Moment (1869) by Charles Edouard Boutibonne (460x700, 92Kb)

An Indecisive Moment (1869)

2 (530x700, 101Kb)

A Warm Reception (1862)

1 (700x546, 145Kb)

2 (700x557, 59Kb)

The Game of Billiards (1869)

80 (477x700, 167Kb)

An Elegant Billiard Player

500 (488x600, 61Kb)

Getting Dressed (1869)

1 (566x700, 123Kb)

L'imp?ratrice Eug?nie ? cheval (1856)

1 (575x700, 98Kb)

Portrait of Napoleon III, Emperor of the French (1856)

Mountain Climbers (1868) by Charles Edouard Boutibonne (500x686, 129Kb)

2 (534x700, 134Kb)

Mountain Climbers (1868)

mermaids_ (700x438, 91Kb)

Mermaids Frolicking in the Sea (1883)

500 (385x700, 63Kb)

Allegorie du printemps

500 (700x360, 39Kb)


before-the-bath (343x700, 80Kb)

Before The Bath

2 (563x700, 295Kb)

A Young Woman from Smyrna (1847)

1 (426x700, 231Kb)

Grecian Youth

1 (531x700, 287Kb)

At The Opera (1869)

124x (551x700, 64Kb)


portrait_franz_liszt_ (554x695, 131Kb)

Portrait of Franz Liszt

image58 (501x700, 89Kb)

44 (700x465, 77Kb)

25 (442x700, 99Kb)

4 (700x576, 62Kb)

500 (484x700, 107Kb)

Return from the promenade (1868)


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